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Got Theta?

We have been working hard over the last few weeks with our latest client Miss Dawn Maree.  Dawn Maree is a highly respected Certificate of Science and Master Instructor in the ThetaHealing modality. If you are a ThetaHealer or follow ThetaHealing, you know that Dawn is an innovative marketing guru. She is constantly coming up with new ways to market the ThetaHealing modality. The project we worked on with her is her site Got Theta?. This site allows website visitors to select a ThetaHealing practitioner they have a connection with and get a FREE ThetaHealing consultation. This is a powerful site that allowing people to give ThetaHealing a try.

We helped Dawn with the following items on this site:

  • Design
  • Implementation into a powerful CMS where Dawn can add/edit and delete pages and content without our help!
  • Practitioner management – Dawn can go into the site and add/edit and delete practitioners, their calendars and information without our help.

Check out the video below and Dawn will tell you all about Got Theta?