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Author Archives: Lindsey Anderson

About Lindsey Anderson

Lindsey has spent numerous years in the web development and ThetaHealing industry. She started Web Impakt in 2004. Her ThetaHealing clients became so successful she branched out and created Theta Is. She has worked with hundreds of holistic business clients with their online needs and knows how to help them leverage online tools to be more profitable and successful.

Got Theta?

We have been working hard over the last few weeks with our latest client Miss Dawn Maree.  Dawn Maree is a highly respected Certificate of Science and Master Instructor in the ThetaHealing modality. If you are a ThetaHealer or follow ThetaHealing, you know that Dawn is an innovative marketing guru. She is […]

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The “NOT SO” Secret Weapon You’re Not Using

I’ve talked to hundreds of people in holistic business and I have yet to find anyone using video to promote their brand.  It’s something we discuss during our initial consultation, and  something everyone agrees needs to happen, but I have yet had anyone take advantage of it.   In this […]

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Thanks Dawn Maree!

Post by Dawn Maree.

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Featured Client Website – Touch of Hope from ThetaHealing

Today I wanted to feature one of my favorite client sites – Touch of Hope from ThetaHealing. Ms. Katie Lamb is a holds a ThetaHealing® Masters of the DNA 2, as well as a Certificate of Science for ThetaHealing®.  She runs a very successful ThetaHealing business located in Idaho Falls Idaho.  One […]

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Business Cards – An important piece of the marketing puzzle

A business card is an important piece of the holistic marketing puzzle.    A well designed business card that conveys your personality can help you gain new clients.  An unprofessional card can stop your marketing efforts and have the opposite effect.  What makes a good business card?  Read this article to […]

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Vianna Stibal

I first met Ms. Vianna Stibal 2008 when they were looking to make the Official ThetaHealing website more efficient.  The growth of ThetaHealing was going fast and they wanted to make sure their web presence was top notch.  She introduced me to her Web Mistress, Brandy Opfar.   She is […]

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Marketing Your ThetaHealing Business through Social Media

Every ThetaHealing business needs to utilize the power of social media to gain clients and students.  One important aspect in marketing your ThetaHealing business is marketing YOU.  Why do people want to take a class from YOU?  Why would I put my trust in YOU to assist me with a […]

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