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Business Cards – An important piece of the marketing puzzle

A business card is an important piece of the holistic marketing puzzle.    A well designed business card that conveys your personality can help you gain new clients.  An unprofessional card can stop your marketing efforts and have the opposite effect.  What makes a good business card?  Read this article to find out.


The latest trend in printed marketing materials is to ensure you have lots of white space.  Don’t cram your card with endless logo’s, colors and text.  Your business card should direct the recipient to your website where they can find out more.  Your business card should have a beautiful clean design with only the necessary information your new client needs to find out more and get a hold of you.  Holistic business cards can have some fun designs and colors but remember you are a professional, with a service.  Your card should convey that you know what you are doing and are serious about it.

bcard 3-v1


Remember your business card is a tiny piece of your personality so make sure that shows through on your card.   Make sure you enlist a professional designer to help you and please don’t use clip art!


Please don’t use your home printer to print your business cards!  There are plenty of places online to get professionally printed cards at a great price.    I would highly recommend spending a bit more and getting some great quality paper or gloss to ensure you are conveying your brand with the highest quality.  However, if budget is an issue, scour the web to find a great deal on cards.  Even the most budget friendly business cards from a print shop online will look better than your home printer.

My favorite place to shop for business cards is Vista Print.  Click on the link and get 500 cards for $9.99 – this is WELL worth the investment.  If you do want to make a lasting impression with your potential clients, upgrade to a spot gloss, raised print or metallic finish business card.  These will ensure your business comes across as one of a kind!

For those that are looking for a more eco-friendly business card, hop over to   The price is more but they print cards on recycled paper.


Use a modern sans-serif font on your card.  They are clean and easiest to read.  Make sure the font on your card is at least 12px or larger.  For those without a design background Sans-serif font, is a font without the little feet at the end of each letter.



In today’s online age, business cards are still a very important piece of the marketing puzzle.  Your contacts expect them and a good business card will showcase your personality and get you more clients and students.


ThetaHealing Business Card


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