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Marketing Your ThetaHealing Business through Social Media

Every ThetaHealing business needs to utilize the power of social media to gain clients and students.  One important aspect in marketing your ThetaHealing business is marketing YOU.  Why do people want to take a class from YOU?  Why would I put my trust in YOU to assist me with a ThetaHealing session?  It is important to let your personality shine and the best way to do this is through utilizing social media.  Conveying through social media that you understand and love ThetaHealing will allow people to put their trust in you for classes and sessions.

As a ThetaHealing business I would start with the following platforms: FaceBook, Twitter and Pinterest.


Let’s begin with FaceBook. FaceBook has already reached its 1 billion user mark.  Imagine having access to 1 billion people FaceBook is super easy to join! You simply need to create a business page, upload photos and details and publish your page and you should be good to go. However there is one challenging part – gaining page likes.

The more likes you get, the better reputation your Theta Healing Business receives. Your number of likes will reflect how effective and efficient your services are.  Facebook advertising is a viable but FaceBook requires a page to have 400 likes before you can use this option.  Therefore, you will need to be creative to gain your first 400.   For example you can give a promotion – everyone who likes your ThetaHealing FaceBook page gets a 10% discount for one of your top services.  Remember convey your personality.  Write quotes you love, share inspiring images and spread the ThetaHealing love.


Twitter is also a very powerful Social Media website. Twitter is very powerful because it allows you to engage your clients.  The next time you are holding a ThetaHealing class ask your students to send a quick tweet about it.  This will get people I the twitterverse talking about you and ThetaHealing.  The more people are talking about you, your services and classes the more clients you will get!


Every day, there are more and more people using Pinterest.  Pinterest caters to people who like to browse visual items.  You can easily expand your reach with Pinterest by joining group boards that your ThetaHealing clients would be interested in.  For example, you can join group boards with titles such as “healing practices” or “prayer” or “energy healing.”   From there, you can post ThetaHealing content that will appeal to these people.   Don’t forget to drive traffic to your Theta Healing site using Pinterest.  Include your website or social media pages in your Pinterest posts so people can easily go see your Theta Healing site and find out more about your classes and sessions.

As you can see, your ThetaHealing business NEEDS social media.   Social Media is a powerful tool that will help you grow your ThetaHealing classes and get your more client sessions.  These tools are free so get out there and start showing everyone how great you are as a ThetaHealing practitioner and/or teacher!