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We know and love ThetaHealing. We understand the struggles of practitioners and teachers and what it takes to be successful. We can help you get students and clients! Call us today to find out more about our revolutionary ThetaHealing Power Package!

Our Packages


Grow your business with our custom ThetaHealing Website.  Drive clients to sign up for sessions or classes online.  Automate your business and let your website work for you.


Stay on top of mind with your potential clients using their favorite online networks.  Let them know who you are by shining your personality online.   Empower your customers become your best advertisers. Our custom Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest plans have proven results to increase local and online clientele.


Make sure your website and store are listed with the right reviews to get MORE local shoppers. SEO is an essential part of any effective Internet marketing campaign. Let us help you reach audiences with a variety of ThetaHealing and metaphysical keywords.