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We know and love ThetaHealing. We understand the struggles of practitioners and teachers and what it takes to be successful. We can help you get students and clients! Call us today to find out more about our revolutionary ThetaHealing Power Package!

Step-by-Step Social Media Solution

Stay on top of mind with your shoppers using their favorite online networks.  Empower your customers become your best advertisers.  Our custom Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest plans have proven results to increase local and online clientele.

Confused on what to post and when to post?  Our Custom Monthly Plans will tell you what to post and when to post on each social media network.

  • Custom Monthly Twitter Plan
  • Custom Monthly Pintrest Plan
  • Custom Monthly Facebook Plan
  • Pinterest Account Creation and Optimization
  • Branded Content Writing for Pintrest Profile
  • Pinterest Profile Information Population
  • Pinterest Board Creation
  • Pinterest Photo Pinning
  • Personal Social Media Specialist
  • Photo editing recommendations and training on how to take the best photos of your merchandise!
  • Twitter Profile Creation & Optimization
  • Background Customization of Twitter Page
  • Branded Content Writing for Twitter Page
  • Twitter Page Information Population
  • Facebook Profile Creation and Optimization
  • Banner Customization of Facebook Profile
  • Branded Content Writing for Faceboook Profile Page

Each month we will send you a custom Twitter, Facebook and Pintrest Plan.   Including a review all of your postings and images to ensure they will increase your following and drive purchases! Your Personal Social Media specialist will be available to assist you with any questions you have.