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The “NOT SO” Secret Weapon You’re Not Using

I’ve talked to hundreds of people in holistic business and I have yet to find anyone using video to promote their brand.  It’s something we discuss during our initial consultation, and  something everyone agrees needs to happen, but I have yet had anyone take advantage of it.   In this day of inexpensive video cameras (your smart phone) and online video editing tools, it’s super easy to make video’s.

When marketing your ThetaHealing or other holistic business, people are coming to you because they like you.  They like your energy and how you make them feel.  Video is the best way to market to your potential clients so they can experience YOU without YOU having to meet or talk to them.

Video is the next best thing to being face to face. You can hear someone’s voice, their energy, and their enthusiasm.   Build a connection with your audience much faster than voice or writing.   If an image is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a million – so use it to get clients.  Use it to sell.  Use it to show the world who you are.

I know you spend a lot of time setting up the environment you want your clients to see when they come to you for help.  Video is the same way, use music, pacing, and visuals to craft the experience that you want your audience to be immersed in.  It doesn’t have to be long.  It doesn’t have to be professionally produced but it does have to be YOU.

It will work.  You will entice potential clients.  Use video in your marketing!