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Featured Client Website – Touch of Hope from ThetaHealing

Today I wanted to feature one of my favorite client sites – Touch of Hope from ThetaHealing.

Ms. Katie Lamb is a holds a ThetaHealing® Masters of the DNA 2, as well as a Certificate of Science for ThetaHealing®.  She runs a very successful ThetaHealing business located in Idaho Falls Idaho.  One item Theta Is has had the opportunity to assist her with is her amazing ThetaHealing website.  You can check it out here:

What makes her site a successful and integral part of her business?

1.  Personality – Katie’s personality shines through on her website.  With a click you can get to know her and feel her energy through the custom design we created for her.

2.  Katie loves questions – Multiple places on the site we ask the visitors to ask Katie a question.  She is an open book and invites everyone to ask her questions.

3.  Online Registration – The Touch of Hope site includes an online registration system that accepts payments.  It’s important to allow users to sign up for seminars the moment they make that decision.  If it’s to hard to make a payment and get a commitment from a user, they will often change their mind and not sign up.

4.  Blog – Katie has a great blog.  It is a way for her to voice her opinion and show her knowledge about alternative healing.  Website visitors want to get to know YOU before signing up for classes or scheduling sessions.

5.  Social media and credibility icons – Ms. Lamb focuses on one social media platform – Facebook.  It’s a great decision if you don’t have time to keep up with all of the others.  Users can easily connect with her on Facebook.  Additionally, in the footer, are the custom ThetatHealing Credibility icons showcasing the fact she is a legitimate and  serious ThetaHealer.

We had a blast getting to know Katie and helping her design her site and have the opportunity to continue to support her marketing efforts to help her ThetaHealing business grow.

Touch of Hope