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We know and love ThetaHealing. We understand the struggles of practitioners and teachers and what it takes to be successful. We can help you get students and clients! Call us today to find out more about our revolutionary ThetaHealing Power Package!

Vianna Stibal

I first met Ms. Vianna Stibal 2008 when they were looking to make the Official ThetaHealing

Vianna Stibalwebsite more efficient.  The growth of ThetaHealing was going fast and they wanted to make sure their web presence was top notch.  She introduced me to her Web Mistress, Brandy Opfar.   She is a brilliant and talented young lady with huge ideas.  I had the opportunity to work with Ms. Opfar on a ThetaHealing website that would allow teachers and practitioners log into the site and modify their classes and personal information.  It has been an amazing opportunity to work with such influential people and I cherish the opportunity to work with the Thetahealing team.

For the past several years I have met so many practitioners and teachers that needed a web presence to grow their businesses.  Therefore, I created Theta Is.  It is a specially designed system to help teachers and practitioners grow their ThetaHealing business NOW.